Sawdust's market prospects

        With the development of various industries in China, increased the demand for various materials, the use of sawdust is also more and more widely used as abandoned old wood when the garbage disposal or incineration, there is no commercial value. But with the continuous innovation of science and technology, sawdust is also used by developers, with sawdust widely used in various industries, sawdust demand from the amateur collection to professional processing, so sawdust processing machinery and equipment - wood mill market Expansion, economic benefits with the extensive use of sawdust and growth.
        Gongyi Hongrun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of wood processing shredders, in order to help our customers better understand the development trend of the sawdust industry, now summarizes the use of sawdust as follows:
1, sawdust processing fuel, the material can be used rod machine through high temperature heating, to a certain temperature after the high pressure, after processing the material can be used as fuel, the use of smoke-free pollution, the fuel value can be compared with coal, Widely used in a variety of fuel demand industries.  
2, sawdust used in agriculture, the material can be used as a flower cultivation, it is comprehensive nutrition, texture loose, water and breathable, clean and sanitary;
3, sawdust can be used as rhododendron, kumquat, camellia, sweet-scented osmanthus and other flowers and high branches of the bandage of the matrix. 
4, sawdust used in the furniture industry, there are many plates are made of artificial, texture and texture is good, common plywood, particleboard, sawdust board, compression plate and so are the use of sawdust. 
5, sawdust is also a clean material, in some pets breeding, sawdust can be used as a pet litter, can also be used to decontamination oil, often in the big mall can see the sweeping to the use of sawdust. 
6, sawdust used in the cultivation of edible fungi, all kinds of edible mushrooms such as mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, edible fungus and other often applicable, cultivated raw materials is the use of sawdust.
7, in the pen ring pad on the sawdust, you can make the pigsty becomes clean and hygienic, and fermented sawdust mixed pig manure, is a good organic fertilizer.
8, sawdust can be processed through the sawdust pellet into sawdust particles, as fuel can replace the coal combustion, this sawdust particles without pollution, to solve the problem of air pollution.
      Comprehensive above several characteristics, fully embodies the sawdust market  prospects, if your home or side resources have a lot of wood raw materials, then the processing sawdust will be a good get rich project.
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