Application of Wood Crusher in Industry, Processing Industry and Agricultural Production

Wood crusher in the industrial, processing industry, agricultural production, the use of wood is very extensive, the use of wood processing history and the use of areas already in the human production to achieve the degree of white-hot. With the increase in wood processing and use, wood processing of the remaining waste, scraps also increased, sawdust, wood scrap, shavings, wood chips, recycled wood, waste wood, rotten wood and many other wood raw materials are in urgent need of a new Of the technical field to recover, to accommodate, reuse. At present, more than the use of wood materials recycling industry is mainly a mechanism of charcoal industry, compression plate, polymer sheet industry, and processing of these wood raw materials, the main equipment can be collectively referred to as wood scrap recycling equipment.
1, pay attention to electricity safety, strict according to the idea of signs of wiring needs, and connected to a good line.
2, the machine every time before the start, the smooth point of oil, and see whether the consolidation of loose bolts.
3, feeding mouth, cut the room to ban the extraction of metal, debris. If any abnormality is found, turn off the power immediately.
4, pay attention to rust, power distribution cabinet shall not be damp, wood chippers may not water, to prevent corrosion of parts.
5, please read the instructions before use
6, replace the knife must be set to replace, replace the screws must be strong.
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