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BBQ charcoal briquette machine
BBQ charcoal briquette machine is a professional production mechanism of charcoal, also known as charcoal machine,it can processing wood crushing materials into the charcoal rod and ball,tablet.raw material sources rice husk, peanut shell, cotton shell, corn cob, corn stalk, sorghum stalks are used as raw materials to produce charcoal, sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo is the best.
The utility model has the advantages of high density, high calorific value, no smoke, no smell, no pollution, no explosion, and is an internationally recognized green environmental protection products.Hongrun BBQ charcoal briquette machine processed charcoal is hollow, hollow charcoal burning.
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working principle of charcoal machine:
Pressure ball machine is mainly used to suppress difficult to shape the powder material, which is characterized by large molding pressure, the host speed adjustable, with a screw feeding device.
Through the belt, to the reducer, reducer through the coupling, to the master shaft and then by a pair of gears to ensure that the two roller synchronization (constant speed reverse) material storage warehouse by
Quantitative equipment evenly into the molding hopper, so that the material of the unit molding pressure from small to large, in the center of the roller at the junction of the forming pressure to reach the maximum value of the material after the line, the molding pressure quickly become smaller material into the disengaged state, Smooth off the ball.
(A) host (mechanical molding)
Before starting the electrical parts should check whether the normal. Check the two-roll die hole is not, if not correct, open the gear shield, release the passive gear on the adjustment of the six screws on the disk, forward and reverse rotation of the roller to make the two roller die hole, tighten the screw as well. The work roll spacing should be kept between 0.4-0.7mm, if too much too small, can be loose passive roller, bearing and drawing, to adjust, adjust the tight, tighten the screws and drawing.
After the production of finished products, check the working roller on the double roller with, if there is error, can be removed in the large gear shield, loose passive roller gear outer ring screws to adjust.
(B) the host (hydraulic molding)
First check the electrical work is normal, the type of roller and hydraulic mercury is turning forward. And then check the two roller die hole is correct, the distance between the two rollers should be between 0.4-0.7mm, too much should be adjusted too small. If the two rolls are not aligned, the gear cover should be opened, loosen the six screws of the adjustment gear on the driven gear, either positive or counterclockwise. If the two rollers are large or small should be passive (active) shaft with the active wheel on both sides of the four adjustable wire to be adjusted, all normal, the mechanical oil should be added to the reducer. Will be hydraulic oil, combined with hydraulic mercury tank body. Boot test pressure, said the bottom of the pressure adjustment 11MPa high-profile 13MPa. All normal after the boot test machine production.
(3) Mixer
In the production if the clutch slip, can be loose on the claws of the fixed wire to adjust, according to the output, adjust the mixing angle on the bobbin to ensure that the host material.
If you need to add with ingredients (Zhuan, waterproof), can be added in the mixer.
(4) Conveyor
Normal work, to ensure that the belt does not run away, such as the belt is not correct, can be adjusted before and after the roller bearing the top wire.
(5) Feeder
First start the belt to adjust the belt is loose, the belt should not run away, and then according to the production capacity of the molding machine gate size, so that the supply of material is not much to.



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