Charcoal Extruder Machine

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Charcoal Extruder Machine

Introduction to 
Charcoal Extruder Machine:

This charcoal machine called Charcoal Extruder Machine, which can press and form/mould charcoal powder into square charcoal rod and cyclindrical charcoal bar, or charcoal rod with a hole in the middle. hongrun charcoal rod machine is mainly used to deal with charcoal dust, broken charcoal briquette and unqualified charcoal.The other material can be processed by this machine is coal powder. Coal rods from this machine have high density and smooth surface.
All kinds of  materials are crushed into charcoal  powder, at last who is made of  the different charcoal rod.

charcoal powder                                           defferent charcoal rod 
Hongrun carbon moulding machine is characterized by:

1, moulding after carbonization, simple process flow;
2, the working time of wearing parts is extented to 4000 hours;
3, with a 60% reduction in electricity costs;
4, production increased 2-3 times;
5, cost decrease 200 yuan per ton charcoal;
6, easy operation;
7, higer charcoal quality;
8, charcoal content is increased from 60% to 70-75% of weak carbon content charcoal; more than 83% carbon content of standard carbon content charcoal;
9, working material: charcoal powder, unqualified charcoal and coal.
Data of Charcoal Extruder Machine:

Model TFJ-5
Power 5.5kw
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Weight  850kg
Size 1130*630*1230(mm)


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