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Product Show Of Rotary Screen

Product Introduction:

Rotary Screen is used for separating the different sized materials such as sawdust, straw, wood chips, grass, stalk, bagasse sugarcane, etc. Rotary screen works by circular motion, which is also an efficient screening machines for the classification of bulk material such as coal, minerals, coke etc. Rotary screen are mainly used in coal dressing, metallurgy, mine, power station, water conservancy project, building industry, light industry and chemical industry etc.

1. Material adaptability: rotary sieve is widely used in various types of material screening, whether it is low quality coal, slime, or soot and other materials, can be successfully sieved.
2. Feeding method is simple and diverse: rotary sieve inlet can be designed according to the actual site, whether it is belt, funnel or other feeding methods, do not take special measures, can be smooth feeding.
3. High screening efficiency: the device can be equipped with comb-type screening mechanism, in the screening process, regardless of the material into the screening cylinder dirty, more heterogeneous can be sifted, thereby improving the efficiency of the equipment screening.
4. Large size and easy to size: in the same size, the circular area than other types of area are large, so the effective area of ​​the sieve on the large, so that the material can fully contact the screen, so the unit time the amount of sieve Big. But also because of its simple structure, easy layout, new technology and mature features, easy to large-scale.
5. Small energy consumption: Rotary screen motor power is small, is the other sieve type one-third to one third, the same amount of material and the running time is only half of the other sieve type, so low energy consumption The
6. Good working environment: the entire screening tube can be sealed with a sealed isolation cover, the complete removal of the screening process in the dust flying, block splashing and so on, to avoid the work environment pollution.
7. Equipment noise is low: rotary sieve in operation, because the rotation speed is small, and a sealed isolation cover with the outside world, so that noise can not be passed to the outside, thereby reducing the equipment noise.
8. Long service life, maintenance of small: rotary sieve is composed of a number of ring-shaped mesh, the total screening area is much larger than other sieve screen area, coupled with high screening efficiency, equipment, running time is short , So the service life is longer, less wearing parts, maintenance of small.
9. Easy maintenance: equipment sealed isolation cover can be opened, open does not affect the normal operation of the machine, and makes maintenance is very convenient.

Working Principle:
The rotary screen consists of motor, decelerator, rotor drive, chassis, seal cap, inlet and outlet. Material feeds into the drum, is lifted up by the rotation and aerated as it falls back down. This action is repeated with each revolution along the length of the drum. The finer material passes through the screen openings while the larger material tumbles towards its eventual exit at the rear of the drum.


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