Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

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Product Show Of Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor:

Belt Conveyor Introduction:
Using a metal mesh as a delivery carrier.
Driving methods are: gear motor drive.
Speed control methods are: frequency control, Promise speed.
Frame materials are: stainless steel, carbon steel
Use: for all sectors of the drying, dehumidification, cleaning, quick-frozen and other processes

working principle
Conveyor chain for the sleeve roller chain, continuous bucket structure, for the level of high temperature clinker, climbing.

main feature
◆ transport capacity: the maximum conveying capacity of up to 526m3 / h, the maximum inclination of up to 60 degrees. High temperature, can transport the temperature of less than 600 degrees of material.
◆ Conveyor chain is composed of traction chain, bearing chain and forward lap (or reverse lap) of the hopper, three parts can be free handling.
◆ bearing the wheel with a rolling bearing to roll friction instead of the previous sliding friction, running resistance reduced by 55% -65%, greatly reducing the conveyor power consumption, low energy consumption.
◆ traction chain and load chain separately, so that the structure is simplified, the cost is reduced, easy installation and maintenance.
◆ long life: traction chain using long pitch, sleeve roller chain, chain parts are alloy steel materials; and heat treatment processing, wear. The weight of the conveying part and the material is borne by the load bearing; the chain no longer bear the weight and reduce the wear.
◆ process layout and diverse: horizontal, tilt, but also by the multi-level horizontal, inclined combination of arrangements.

Applicable areas
◆ widely used in cement, paper, sugar, chemical and other industries. The most suitable for the material slurry type, granular and so on.


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