Mobile Crusher Machine

                                                                               Mobile Crusher Machine

Brief Introduction of mobile crusher machine:
Mobile crusher machine is the special chipping/crushing equipment for raw wood of 50-250mm (diameter). We add the wheel there on mobile crusher machine, which is easier for the user to move around to chip the wood.

Application of mobile crusher machine:
Mobile crusher machine is used to crush processing raw materials mainly include wood branches, straw, bamboo pole slices, wood, small branches, leaves, bark, bamboo sticks, bamboo leaves, feed, coconut shell, forestry wastes, wood chips and many other materials.

Working Process of mobile crusher machine:
The motor produce high-speed airflow, along with the blade cutting ways, materials in the airflow speeds up, and make the material by double pieces at the same time, speeding up the material crushing rate. During the working process, the raw wood will be chipped, re-crushed and sieved, the wood crusher combines both chipping and crushing in one machine to get the wood sawdust directly.


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