Wood Powder Crusher

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Description Of Wood Sawdust Crusher:

The wood powder crusher is a new type crushing machine used to produce wood powder. It is characterized by less investment, low energy consumption and high productivity and convenient maintenance. The wood powder crusher is particularly suitable for processing wood powder for cultivating edible fungi. It is composed of chipper device, crushing device and fan device. The particle size of the chipped wood grain is small, and the material can be crushed without drying and the raw materials can be bamboo, thatched, cornstalks, sorghum stem, pine, poplar, china fir, etc. 

Application of Wood sawdust Crusher:
The wood powder crusher can be used to process bamboo wood flour, nutshell, Chinese herbal medicine, bark, leaf, wheat bran, mushroom, sesame, rice shell, corn cob, stalk, starch, shelled shrimps of grain type, fish flour, seaweed, dehydrated vegetable, flavoring substance, Chinese date, paper, circuit board, plastic, chemically raw material, mica, carbon, volcanic clay, perlite,  distilled grain, furfural, cake type, charcoal, activated carbon, cellulose, potato slag, tea, hair, bean pulp, cotton, cow skin, sheepskin, plant root, stalk, leaf, flower, fruit, all kinds of edible fungus, etc. This product is an ideal crusher in the industries of chemical engineering, building material, medicine, health care, breeding, food and mosquito-repellent incense, etc
Features of Wood sawdust Crusher:
The whole equipment only use a motor as driving power and it has simple structure, compact design, cheap cost, less energy consumption and high efficiency.
Technical Parameters:
Model HR400
Power 11Kw
Capacity 500-700kg/h
Weight 700kg
Dimension 1.2*0.55*0.7m
CE Certifaction:


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