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Introduction of sawdust extruder Machine:

The charcoal produced by charcoal machine is called extruded charcoal which is made by extruding either raw ground wood or carbonized wood into logs without the use of binder. The heat and pressure in the extruding process hold the charcoal material together. The general charcoal production flow can be Raw Material Crushing--Drying--Shape Forming--Carbonization--Final products. So the charcoal machine shall be crusher-dry-charcoal machine(shapes:logs, rods, briquets, etc.)-carbonization furnace and other auxiliary equipment.

sawdust extruder machine:
the brife introduction of the sawdust extruder machine
The machine is a latest sawdust exturder machine which can compress sawdust, bamboo, wood, shells, straw and other waste biomass materials into rod briquettes. After carbonization, people can get the charcoal sticks to make cooking or boiling,which is more environmentally friendly.

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